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"Merry F'ing Christmas" Reindeer Ornament.


This ornament is perfect for someone "Scroogy"or with a colorful vocabulary.    The year can be added to one of the paws upon request.   The reindeer's nose has an inset Swarovski crystal accent.  


• Each ornament is 3" tall by 3" at widest point.

• The ornament is created from thick, durable, lightweight, rustproof aluminum which has been stamped, polished and given a brushed finish by hand.

• The hardware rings are quality, heavy stainless steel

• The item will be shipped ready to give, tucked inside a drawstring bag. 

• Whenever possible, we source our supplies from other small businesses and recycle / reuse packaging materials to help reduce our environmental impact. We responsibly recycle all waste/scrap metal.

Hand stamping is a much more durable and permanent method of creation than engraving or printing text onto metal. The design will not wear off like paint or ink and is much more deeply set into the metal than most engraving. EACH design and letter is individually hammered, one strike at a time, BY HAND. Because of this, there will be some variations in the spacing, depth of the designs and placement. This is not to be considered a defect, but instead a part of the unique character of the piece.

Please be aware that the photos shown are simply a representation of previous items I have created and may not be exactly what you receive, as each item is uniquely created just for you at the time you order.

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