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I am (at least) a 3rd generation creative. My mom owned her own business in which she created cross-stitch items, stenciled, and painted barn wood pieces & primitive dolls. My father is a handyman who worked with stained glass and photography. My grandmother was a musician, my grandfather a pencil artist. My brother does some pretty epic things with both leather and wood. I guess it's in the blood. 

I have been creating things all my life, sometimes when I really didn't even want to.. ha ha! Many a smart comment would find me sanding or stuffing something for my mom's business. However, after dabbling in media after media, I never really felt like I found something significant until the first time I worked with the untamed territory of metal. 

What began with a simple wire and bead ornament kit that I helped my children make for gifts has blossomed into a full passion for creating items of beauty. Ever since those ornaments, I feel like I have been on a mission to create as many beautiful pieces as I can. I feel like my craft is in a constant state of evolution. 

I custom hand-stamp metal to make jewelry (bracelets, pendants, dog tags and rings) and accessories (keychains, bottle openers) that are personal and meaningful and absolutely affordable. I also custom create specialized, humorous, and sometimes inappropriate pet ID tags. My favorite materials are aluminum, sterling silver, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

When the mood strikes me, I create fabulous, one of a kind jewelry. 

I enjoy being able to personalize items to make them unique and it's a fantastic feeling to know that something I made with my hands will be something special to someone else. 

I have been doing this since 2009, and after over almost 7,000 orders on Etsy and through other platforms, I still get excited when I make a sale. I truly love what I do, and I hope that comes through in everything I sell.

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